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Automation. Analytics.

Completely autonomous smart
disinfection technology.

 100% Australian owned & operated

Simplify your environmental safety

Completely autonomous disinfection technology, using advanced sensors with UV-C & HEPA/MERV filters for on-demand surface and aerosol disinfection.


Eliminate poor air quality and surface hygiene causing sickness, lost time, drops in cognitive ability, and decreased life expectancy.


Maintain healthy indoor environments whilst ensuring crucial building ratings like Nabers, Green Star & Reset are met.​


Obtain detailed metrics around air quality and occupancy required for effective decision making.  

Environment safety systems

Autonomous disinfection technology, equipped with advanced sensors.

Surface and aerosol disinfection

Smart IoT connectivity to the cloud

Real-time environmental data captured

Air Filtration

HEPA/MERV filters coupled with UV-C light for ​on-demand aerosol disinfection.​

Surface Disinfection

Smart UV-C lamp arrays disinfect surfaces when occupancy is clear of the area.

Advanced Sensors

Detect occupancy, track movements, and count people

Environmental analytics software

Our cloud platform allows access to comprehensive environmental data around air quality, occupancy, and staff behavior, all while lowering energy consultation by integrating with overall building systems and informing where energy use is needed.

Total environmental data suite

Complete overview of your Steribright bio-safety systems directly on cloud

Invest in your environment

Learn how Steribright’s technology can be leveraged for huge savings.

Reduce employee sick leave & attrition

Save on energy & achieve higher building ratings

Integrate with building management & HVAC control systems

Increasing efficiency using actionable insights into the use of spaces

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